PRODUCER: Andy McGrath

Producing content for commercials, TV & the web for 20 years, Andy has had many career highlights.

Directing at global events such as the Rugby World Cup Final or concerts with superstars like Kanye West, along with  producing shows seen worldwide on the Discovery Channel, Andy’s work has been well recognised throughout his career.

Owner of production company, Afterglow for 15 years, Andy has been involved  in producing Television series, opening title sequences & commercial projects. which has enabled him to develop exceptional skills as a Producer/Director.  Working with small teams over those years also meant that he was often in the trenches operating the camera and ensuring the editing was of a high calibre.

With the changing face of Television, Andy is now enjoying providing content to the corporate sector.  Bringing his years of experience to delivering  messages effectively in a compelling story telling manner.

“When it comes to video production, it is great to be a part of making something special for people.  Outside of family, the most important thing is to enjoy the work you do. Fortunately for me, that is producing video” . Andy McGrath.